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The Healing Session

Please complete the form below and send it to us no later than Saturday at 18.00 (UK time) and your request will be included in the Sunday session the day after.

1: Full name.

2: Nature /focus of the healing required.

3: Your personal intention for your healing.

Any requests received after the Saturday deadline will be included in the healing session the following week.

We don’t require your contact details, however, if you want to contact us directly, please use the following email address: info@heartfieldhealing.org

Every Sunday between 20.00 – 22.00 (UK time), The Collective members send out heart – felt healing, focussing on the requests received, and for everyone, our intention is that the healing is for their highest good and from the purest source of energy.

If you can be present during this time, we believe that this amplifies the power of the healing. State your personal intention for healing, and be open and receptive to the energies being offered.

Even if you cannot be present, know that the healing is still happening for your highest good. After the session, be gentle with yourself and notice any changes in how you are feeling. Some things may be very subtle for you and some very obvious.

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

The Gift of Gratitude

If you experience improvements in your circumstances, we would love to hear from you about this, and share on our website or media, with your permission (no personal details would be shared unless requested).

Pay it Forward

We would be very grateful if you would also share the link to our website, so that more people are aware of the healing we offer. Perhaps during your day, you might find the opportunity to offer someone a kind word, do a good deed or, simply be in your heart space around others.

Thank you from Heart Field Healing Collective

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